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Chuck Everson, Owner/Operator
"Your Cactus Bookstore Specialist"
1444 E. Taylor St., Vista, CA 92084-3308 - U.S.A.
Phone orders: (760) 758-4290
E-Mail orders:

Overseas orders see homepage

Dear Fellow Book Lover:

My name is Chuck Everson. You may remember me from the days when I was the owner/operator of Rainbow Gardens Bookshop (1980-2005). I decided to retire to pursue a dream of creating a 'Succulent Bibliography' of all known succulent literature. I have accomplished most of my goal, and now wish to return to the selling of books. A few things you need to know before placing your order:

FOREIGN ORDERS AND PAYMENT: Please do not place your order yet, or pay for them through PayPal until you check with us as to the availability of the book(s) you wish to buy, and the cost of mailing them to you.

MINIMUM ORDER: Our minimum order is $10.00 prior to adding shipping charges and applicable sales taxes.

PLACING YOUR MAIL, E-MAIL OR TELEPHONE ORDER: Placing your order by mail, and using your check as payment, is accepted, with your check made out to: Chuck Everson. Send your order to: Chuck Everson, Bookseller - 1444 E. Taylor St., Vista, CA. 92084-3308. Telephone orders are accepted for all charge card orders (7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. only - Tuesdays and Fridays). Sorry, no collect calls. E-Mail orders and quotes are also accepted at: OR through our regular website.

U.S.A. SHIPPING CHARGES: Our primary shipping provider is the United States Postal Service. Sorry, we cannot ship via U.P.S./ or FED-EX/ or DHL. Shipping charges are: $5.95 for the first book/item and $1.50 for each additional book or item.

U.S.A. PAYMENTS: Payments can easily and securely be processed via PayPal. You are not required to have a PayPal account to place your order. Once payment is made via PayPal, a notification is sent to the Cactus website indicating that you have made payment through PayPal. The customer is given confirmation of payment by PayPal. A receipt of your order is then immediately sent to you by the Cactus Bookstore, showing the details of your order, what you ordered, payment amount, and other details.Your acknowledgement will also give you an estimated date of shipment.

No on site sale, Mail Order only.

CALIFORNIA STATE SALES TAX: If you wish to have your order delivered to an address in California, 8.5% sales tax must be added to your order.

RETURNS: Returns for refund or credit are accepted, provided you ask for, and receive prior approval from us within 30 days after receipt of your order. NO EXCEPTIONS. Books MUST be packaged well and in a new box, sent prepaid, and received by us in undamaged, re-salable condition. PLEASE PACKAGE WELL.

ON-LINE SHOPPING BASKET SYSTEM: Our on-line shopping basket system is powered by PayPal. Please note you do not need a PayPal account to use this system but can pay via the credit cards displayed in the logo:


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