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Aloes of Uganda

There are currently 24 known aloe taxa in Uganda including 22 species and two subspecies. Among them are five endemic species and one endemic subspecies that are found only in Uganda. 15 of the 24 known taxa have type localities within Uganda, where the plants were originally discovered and described. When the fieldwork that led to this book began in 2005 there were 16 recognized species in Uganda. The present authors have since discovered 3 new species, one new subspecies and added 3 new geographic records. The new subspecies, A. labworana subsp. longifolia, is described and published for the first time in this book.

The book is extensively illustrated with over 150 photos and maps to aid identification of each aloe in the field. The aloes are arranged in alphabetical order and each plant is introduced with a short description of its size, growth habit, leaves, flowers and other distinctive characters to help identification. Information is also given on the geographical distribution, habitat, ecology and conservation of the plants. A distribution map and detailed photos for each aloe are included, as are flowering periods. Where known, local names and medicinal uses are cited. 150 color photos, 25 distribution maps, 174 pages, 6” x 8”, softbound…..$24.95

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