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COPIAPOA (2006).

R. Schulz (2006).

This book follows the pattern of the author’s previous book, ‘Copiapoa in their Environment’ (1996), co-authored with Attila Kapitany. This is a new book (not an update to his first book published in 1996, and much information in the first book is not repeated) and it does stand on its own. It is based on the 240 days over 7 trips the author had spent in their habitat since the first book was published, and describes all species, subspecies and forms by reference to their distribution over six habitat areas. The total environment is considered, and there is a fascinating section with some comparative photographs of specific plants showing the changes over the years. The nomenclature followed is geared towards the needs of collectors and growers, to allow identification of differing forms of interest to the grower. The nomenclature is cross referenced to the names in the new book: ‘The New Cactus Lexicon’. Written in an easy style with 650+ color photographs, it will appeal to the collector of cactus as well as the botanist, taxonomist, armchair traveler and all those interested in knowing more about this variable and beautiful genus of plants. 238 pages. 8-3/4” x 11-1/4”, hardbound w/color dustjacket (Normally retails for: $84.95)…Our special price is only………(#19300)……$69.95

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