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Euphorbia Journal Volume 10

Euphorbia Society (Eds). 1997. At long last, the final volume in the series of Euphorbia Journals. Superb articles from Graham Williamson on plants of the Richtersveld and the Southern Namibian desert; Botanical photography by Ron LaFon; making sense of the Succulent Spurges by Daryl Koutnik; plus other articles by Werner Rauh, Len Newton, Paul Forster, Monadenium Succulents, growing succulents in Java, and others. Also included is an accumulative index of all 10 Euphorbia Journals. This is by far the largest of all the Euphorbia Journals. 610 color photos, 30 b/w photos. 280 pages. 7-1/4 " x 10-1/2", hardbound w/color dustjacket. Normally retails for: $55.00. OUR SPECIAL PRICE....$39.95

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