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R. Schulz (2009).

There have been several books published on the genus Haworthia in the last twenty years. These have all focused on the plants in habitat or on taxonomic issues and unfortunately there has been little for the average or enthusiastic collector since John Pilbeam’s book “Haworthia and Astroloba” was published 25 years ago --- before color photos became universal. Written by the prolific author Rudolf Schulz, this new book focuses on the needs of the collector: identification, care, health and propagation. Written in an easy style with 560 large magnificent color photos, it will appeal to the succulent collector, the botanist, the armchair traveler and all those interested in knowing more about this variable and beautiful genus of plants. 240 pages, 8-1/2” x 11”, hardbound with color dustjacket. $49.95

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