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And Other Living Stone Plants

Piotr Dzieduszynski

The book consists of three parts:

Part I - Characteristics of living stones which contains a botanical description of the family as well as answers to the question of where and under what conditions these plants occur naturally.

Part II Principles of growing mesembs which is composed of guidelines on, i.a., location of the collection, providing suitable temperature, appropriate watering and proper replanting. A separate section is devoted to identifying and controlling pest. Much space is devoted to plant reproduction both by sowing seeds and seedlings growing. Cultivation tips also apply to plants that, although are grown in Europe or the United States, still live in the rhythm of the southern hemisphere. The book concludes with the calendar of growing for lithops and other mesembs and it contains concise guidance on cultivation over the following months of the year.

Part III - Overview of selected genera of mesembs - consists of short characteristics of the Aizoaceae family representatives and principles of their cultivation. It also illustrates cultivars and aberrations among lithops. The final section explains the most common myths about growing those plants. Language: English/Polish---130 color photos, 30 drawings, 4 maps 6-1/2 x 9-1/2 softbound .............. $27.95

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How to Grow Lithops

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