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R. Turner / J. Bowers / T. Burgess (1995).

An ecological atlas of the region’s plants. Describes the taxonomy, geographic distribution and ecology of 339 plants – most of which are trees, shrubs and succulents. Also covers the natural history, ethnobotanical, commercial and horticultural uses of the plants. Each descriptive entry includes a range and elevation map. 81 b/w photos. 332 b/w maps/charts. 504 pages. 9” x 12”, softbound, with heavy color cover ………(#96270)……$39.95

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Baja California Plant Field Guide
Baobabs of the World
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California Desert Flowers
The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs
The Curious World of Carnivorous Plants
Field Guide to Wild Flowers of South Africa
Joseph Hooker - Botanical Trailblazer
Madagascar - A Paradise at Risk
(This is) Namibia
(A) Natural History of the Sonoran Desert
Our Sonoran Desert
Roxie Everson's "Old Fashioned" Cookbook
Sonoran Desert Plants

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