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Naturalised and Invasive Succulents of South Africa

M.Walters, E.Figueiredo, N.R.Crouch, P.J.D.Winter, G.F.Smith, H.G.Zimmermann and R.K.Mashope

This book deals with about seventy succulent species that have become naturalized in South Africa and neighboring countries, providing detailed descriptions and illustrations.Plants such as Opuntia Mill., Carpobrotus edulis, Conicosia pugioniformis, Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, and sixty six other species. This book is not just an atlas of alien succulents because this information is placed into a wider ecological and historical context through chapters on their ecological impacts, the history of their invasiveness, and also legislation of invasive species in South Africa. An outline of the current classification of each of the families and genera is provided, along with dichotomous identification keys, and a guide on how to collect succulents for deposition in an herbarium. The primary aim of this book is to provide taxonomic information on the alien succulent plant species that have become established as part of the naturalized flora of southern Africa. The formal taxonomy includes descriptions of families, genera and species, synonymies, illustrations, and distribution information and maps. The text is written in non-technical language that is easy to read and understand. 356 color photos and color maps, 359 pages, 7" x 10", softbound w/heavy color cover. Just released in 2012. An important book for researchers, botanists, plant collectors.....................................................................$49.95

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Naturalised and Invasive Succulents of South Africa
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