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Succulent Compositae-A Grower's Guide to the Succulent Species of Senecio and Othonna.

Gordon D. Rowley (1994)

Over 80 species of the largest of all families of flowering plants are cherished (or ought to be cherished) by lovers of succulents. Yet they have never been made the subject of a book to themselves. This partly springs from confusion and controversy over naming. They are recognized here under just two genera, Senecio and Othonna, and range from fleshy shrubs to lowly creepers, from tiny trees to caudiciforms ideal for lovers of bonsai. All have their own highly individual "composite" flower heads. There is no up-to-date identification key, and illustrations are few and far between. Included are some of the commonest windowsill succulents, such as the 'Candle Plant' (Senecio articulatus). 340 color photos, 22 b/w line drawings. 238 pages. 7” X 10”. Hardbound, w/color dustjacket. Regular $44.95—GIGANTIC SUPER SALE PRICE NOW REDUCED TO…..$24.95

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